Performing a room acoustics measurement with the soniflex app

With this free to use app, you can measure the amount of reverberation in your room in just a few steps. This way, you can determine how much sound-absorbing products you need to achieve pleasant and optimal room acoustics - without any disturbing reverberation.

Mounting sound absorbers with soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE

We show how to install our sound insulation panels correctly. Whether self-adhesive or with soni SPECIAL ADHESIVE.

Sound insulation of a compressor with soni RESIST box elements

See here how conveniently and easily you can enclose your compressor using soniflex material. Our product soni RESIST Box is cut into uniform puzzle pieces and can therefore be added to as required. Just put the pieces together and you get a self-supporting box that can be placed around the compressor.

Facing wall with soniflex insulation material

Here you can see how to properly insulate a partition wall to the neighbor. Due to the construction of the facing shell, the wall can be used freely again afterwards. Our product soni COMPOSITE was used as insulation material.

Image video: Office too noisy?

This video shows how to make your office quieter and thus create a pleasant working environment. It's easy with sound absorbers from soniflex! Use the latest workplace equipment to optimize the room acoustics in your office, waiting area, school, restaurant or at home. You will find movable walls, trendy cubes or stylish acoustic elements.